The business of books in early modern Europe

Shanti Graheli (University of St. Andrews, Reino Unido – Editor

Leiden, Holanda. BRILL. ISBN: 9789004340329. 612 págs. Marzo de 2019. Encuadernado.

PVP EUR 166,00 (4% IVA incluido)

Ofrecemos el volumen nº 72 de la serie LIBRARY OF THE WRITTEN WORLD – THE HANDPRESS WORLD. Como siempre, podemos ofrecer todos los volúmenes publicados y disponibles.


Este nuevo libro explora las múltiples facetas de la compra / venta de libros en Europa, desde el punto de vista de los impresores, editores, libreros y lectores, en el comienzo de la era moderna. Los ensayos, como se puede ver más abajo, buscan reconstruir la dinámica del mercado a través de fuentes muy variadas.


Extracto del índice:

Figures and Tables Notes on contributors

1 How to Lose Money in the Business of Books: Commercial Strategies in the First Age of Print   Andrew Pettegree and Shanti Graheli

Part 1 Debt Economies and Bookselling Risks

2 Venture Capital and Debt Economy in Early Printing Culture—the Case of Michael Wenssler   Lucas Burkart

3 Venetian Incunabula for Florentine Bookshops (ca. 1473–1483)   Lorenz Boeninger

4 Book Prices in Early Modern Europe: An Economic Perspective   Jeremiah Dittmar

5 Privilege, Print and Profit: The Economy of Printing Privileges in the Seventeenth-Century Dutch Republic   Marius Buning

Part 2 Day to Day Practices of Book Buying and Selling

6 ‘Doubt Not to Buy This Pretie Booke/ the Price Is Not So Deare’: The Business of Browsing in Early Modern Bookshops   Philip Tromans

7 Printing for the Pilgrims: Krakow Seventeenth-Century Guidebooks   Justyna Kiliańczyk-Zięba

8 Book Lotteries as Sale Events for Slow-Sellers: The Case of Amsterdam in the Late Eighteenth Century   Daniel Bellingradt

Part 3 Selling Strategies

9 Neither Scholar Nor Printer: Luxembourg de Gabiano and Merchant-Publishing in Sixteenth-Century Lyon   Jamie Cumby

10 Editing the 1543’s Thesaurus Linguae Latinae: Robert Estienne’s Dream and Nightmare   Martine Furno

11 ‘Large Volumes That Are Bought by Few’—Printing and Selling Postils in Early-Modern Poland   Magdalena Komorowska

12 Buying and Selling in One Trip: Book Barter in Times of Trouble for Francesco Ciotti’s Printing and Bookselling House   Domenico Ciccarello

13 The State of Scottish Bookselling circa 1800   Vivienne Dunstan

14 Cashing in on Counterfeits: Fraud in the Reformation Print Industry   Drew Thomas

Part 4 List and Inventories

15 ‘Men and Book under Watch’: the Brussels’ Book Market in the Mid-Sixteenth Century through the Inquisitorial Archives   Renaud Adam

16 The Bookshop of Luciano Pasini, Bookseller and Publisher between Perugia and Venice in the Second Half of the Sixteenth Century   Natale Vacalebre

17 New Perspectives on the Augsburg Book Trade: Georg Willer’s Music Catalogue of 1622   Amelie Roper

18 A Protestant Bookseller in Seventeenth-Century France: Daniel Delerpinière’s Saumur Bookshop, 1661   Jean-Paul Pittion

Part 5 New Markets

19 Turning News into a Business: The Commerce of Early Newspaper Publishing   Jan Hillgärtner

20 Booksellers, Newspaper Advertisements and a National Market for Print in the Seventeenth-Century Dutch Republic   Arthur der Weduwen

21 ‘Without Denunciation and Humiliation’: Purchases of Books to Religious Communities in Colonial Mexico   Idalia Garcia

22 Advertising and Selling in Cromwellian Newsbooks   Jason McElligott

Part 6 Modern Book Market

23 Book Bitch to the Rich—the Strife and Times of the Revd. Dr. Thomas Frognall Dibdin   John Sibbald

24 Lost in Transaction: ‘Discollecting’ Incunabula in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries   Falk Eisermann


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