Implementing sustainable strategies in libraries around the world. Buildings, management, programmes and services

Petra Hauke (Humboldt University, Alemania), Madeleine Charney (University of Massachusetts, Amberst, USA) y Harri Sahavirta (University of Helsinki, Finlandia) – Editores

Berlín, Alemania. Walter de GRUYTER. ISBN: 9783110605846. X, 234 págs. Octubre de 2018. Encuadernado.

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Esta novedad examina aspectos de la reducción de la huella ecológica en las operaciones diarias de una biblioteca así como el papel social y la responsabilidad de las bibliotecas como líderes en la sostenibilidad medioambiental. Se discuten y explican la teoría y las aplicaciones prácticas hechas por bibliotecas de todo el mundo a Naciones Unidas en sus objetivos del desarrollo sostenible 2030.

Todos los artículos publicados en este libros han sido solucionados entre los mejores del encuentro satélite ENSULIB 2017 en Berlín, la sesión abierta de bibliotecas públicas / ENSULIB en la conferencia de  IFLA de 2017 en Polonia y del premio a la biblioteca más ecológica de IFLA de 2017.


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Petra Hauke, Madeleine Charney and Harri Sahavirta

Preface 1

Part 1: General

Harri Sahavirta

1 A Garden on the Roof Doesn’t Make a Library Green. A Case for Green Libraries 5

Katharina Leyrer

2 Libraries Sow the Seed of a Sustainable Society. A Comparative Analysis of IFLA Green Library Award Projects 2016 22

Madeleine Charney and Jenny Colvin

3 Contemplative Pedagogy. Building Resilience in Academic Libraries 32

Leonor Gaspar Pinto and Paula Ochôa

4 Public Libraries’ Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals. Gathering Evidence and Evaluating Practices in Portugal 46

Nathalice Bezerra Cardoso

5 Environmental Responsibility in Brazilian Libraries. Applying Environmental Management, Disseminating Environmental Information and Putting Into Practice 60

Part 2: Public Libraries

Lo Claesson

6 The Green Corner at Vaggeryd Public Library. Beyond Providing Information About Sustainable Development for Local Residents in Sweden 77

Purity Kavuri-Mutuku

7 Action to Combat Climate Change and its Impact. Green Library Initiatives at the Kenya National Library Service 86

Konrad Kutt

8 The BookboXX. A Sustainable Street Library 94

Ira Patron and Lilia Rusakova

9 Garbage Hero. Eco-Education Project “Library ECOstyleˮ at the Lviv Regional Children’s Library, Ukraine 103

Qunqing Huang and Si Chen

10 From a Green Library to a Sustainable Library. Case-Study of Sun Yat-sen Library of Guangdong Province, China 110

Tim Schumann

11 Urban Gardening, Foodsharing and Makerspaces. Best Practice in the Stadtbibliothek of Bad Oldesloe, Germany 122

Anja Seifert and Stefan Rogge

12 Green Library of the Neighbourhood. Collaborative Green Sustainable Library Strategies for Successful Urban Quarter Development in Berlin, Germany 135

Ratka Vučkovič

13 The Green Story of the Public Library Užice, Serbia. Education for Sustainable Development Through Creative Workshops for Children 142

Part 3: Academic Libraries

Louise Jones and Winky Wong

14 More Than Just a Green Building. Developing Green Strategies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong Library  155

Simon Jules Koudjam Yameni

15 The Awareness of Young African Students to Protection of the Environment. Case of the Main Library of the University of Douala in Cameroon 173

Christopher Landes

16 Challenges and Opportunities in Implementing a Sustainable Approach

at Academic Libraries. Fields of Action at the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany 181

Onan Mulumba and Winny Nekesa Akullo

17 Information Dissemination is Not Enough. Preparing Librarians for Effective Climate Change Effects Mitigation in Uganda  197

Arnold Mwanzu

18 Going Green to Embrace Aesthetic Reflections and Sustainable Library Buildings. A Case Study of USIU-A Library as a Benchmark of Kenyan Libraries  210


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