Macro and Micro Flow Boiling and Numerical Modeling Fundamentals

John R. Thome (Laboratory of Heat and Mass Transfer (LTCM), Suiza) – Editor

Singapur, Singapur. WORLD Scientific. ISBN: 978981322731. 1230 págs. Mayo de 2018. Encuadernado.

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En octubre de 2015 se publicaron los anteriores sets de esta magna obra (I y II) y ahora se completa para convertirse en una referencia básica para los investigadores en ingeniería térmica, como muy bien puede apreciarse en el índice que aparece aquí mismo.



Extracto del índice:

Volume 1: Numerical Modeling Methodologies: Fundamentals of Multiphase Flow Modeling Based on Continuum Dynamics (A Tomiyama, K Hayashi); Interface Tracking Methods (K Hayashi, A Tomiyama); Front Tracking Methods (Andrea Ferrari); Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian Method for Two-Phase Flows: New Methods (Peixoto Oliveira, G Anjos, N Mangiavacchi); Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian Method for Two-Phase Flows: Applications (G Anjos, G Peixoto Oliveira, N Mangiavacchi); Arbitrary Lagrangian Euler Method for Two-Phase Flows: 2D and Axisymmetric Formulation (E Gros, G Rabello Anjos, JR Thome); An Interface Tracking Method for Pool Boiling from Isolated Bubble Regime to Critical Heat Flux (Y Sato, B

Smith, B Niceno); Direct Numerical Simulations for Two-Phase Flows with Phase Change (Mario F Trujillo, Lakshman Anumolu and Douglas T Ryddner);


Volume 2: Macro and Mircoscale Flow Boiling and Condensation: Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer in Multi-Microchannel Evaporators: Improved Measurements, Data Reduction and Models (Houxue Huang, John R Thome); Flow Boiling of RefrigerantOil Mixtures Inside Smooth and Microfin Tubes (Haitao Hu); Convective Condensation of Refrigerant-Oil Mixtures Inside Smooth and Microfin Tubes (Haitao Hu); Flow Boiling of Refrigerant-Oil Mixture Inside MetalFoam Filled Tubes (Haitao Hu); Nucleate Pool Boiling of Nanorefrigerant and Oil Mixtures (Haitao Hu); A Review of Condensation in Inclined Tubes (J P Meyer, J D Dirker, S M A Noori Rahim Abadi);


Volume 3: Micro-Two-Phase Cooling Systems: A Figure of Merit for Mobile Device Thermal Management (Victor Chiriac, Steve Molloy, Jon Anderson, Kenneth Goodson); Embedded Two-Phase Cooling of High Flux Engineering Electronics using FEEDS Manifold-Microchannel Heat Sinks (Raphael K Mandel, Michael M Ohadi); Hierarchical Systems Level Thermal Management for Multiple High Transient Heat Loads (John T Wen, Dan T Pollack, Zehao Yang); Application of Two-Phase Loop Thermosyphons and Pulsating Heat-Pipes to Power Electronics Cooling (Bruno Agostini, Danielle Torresin); Two-Phase Thermosyphon Cooling of Datacenters (Nicolas Lamaison, Chin Lee Ong, Jackson B Marcinichen, and John R Thome); Two-Phase Jet Impingement: Liquid-Vapor Interactions and Heat Transfer Mapping for Multiscale Surface Enhancement Design (Matthew J Rau, Suresh V Garmella); Experimental Evaluation of a Passive Thermosyphon Cooling System for Power Electronics (Filippo Cataldo, John R Thome); Thermally Induced Oscillating Flow inside a Single Capillary Tube: A Step towards the Understanding of the PHP Behavior (Frédérick Lefevre, Sameer Khandekar, Jocelyn Bonjour);


Volume 4: Special Boiling Topics: Wettability Effect on Pool Boiling (I Malvasi, E Teodori, A S Moita, A L N Moreira, M Marengo); How to Engineer Surfaces to Control and Optimize Boiling, Condensation and Frost Formation? (Daniel Attinger, Amy R Betz, Chris Frankiewicz, Ranjan Ganguly, Thomas M Schutzius, Mohamed Elsharkawy, Arindam Das, C-J Kim, Constantine M Megaridis); Regime-Based Analysis of Thermal Enhancement in Internally-Grooved Tubes (Darin J Sharar and Avram Bar-Cohen); Flow Induced Vibrations in Tube Bundles under Crossflow (Ricardo AlvarezBriceno, Leopoldo de Oliveira, Fabio Kanizawa, Gherhardt Ribatski)

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