Orfeo Fioretos (Temple University, USA), Tulia G. Falleti (University of Pennsylvania, USA) y Adam Sheingate (The Johns Hopkins University, USA) – Editores

Oxford, Reino Unido. OXFORD University Press. ISBN: 9780199662814. 720 págs.  Febrero de 2016. Encuadernado.

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Les ofrecemos un nuevo OXFORD HANDBOOK IN POLITICS & INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS. Podemos enviar un listado con todos los publicados y disponibles de esta serie.

En este caso, es una referencia esencial para el estudio del análisis institucional, en el apartado de estudios políticos. Dedicado al estudio de cómo los procesos temporales y los hechos influyen en el origen y la transformación de las instituciones que gobiernan las relaciones políticas y económicas, el institucionalismo histórico ha crecido en las dos últimas décadas.

Extracto del índice:


1: Historical Institutionalism in Political Science, Orfeo Fioretos, Tulia G. Falleti, and Adam Sheingate


2: Politics as a Process Structured in Space and Time, Peter A. Hall

3: Institutional Change, Kathleen Thelen and James Conran

4: Causality and Time in Historical Institutionalism, James Mahoney, Khairunnisa Mohamedali, and Christoph Nguyen

5: Critical Junctures, Giovanni Capoccia

6: Historical Institutionalism and Experimental Methods, Sven Steinmo

7: Power in Historical Institutionalism, Paul Pierson

8: Ideas and Historical Institutionalism, Mark Blyth, Oddny Helgadottir, and William Kring


Introduction, Tulia G. Falleti

9: States and Economic Development, Atul Kohli

10: The Development of State Capacity, Hillel Soifer

11: Historical Institutionalism and Democratization Studies, Rodrigo Barrenechea, Edward Gibson, and Larkin Terrie

12: Durable Authoritarianism, Steven Levitsky and Lucan A. Way

13: Political Parties, Regimes, and Social Cleavages, Rachel Beatty Riedl

14: Social Policy in Developing Countries, Melani Cammett and Aytug Sasmaz

15: Labor in Developing and Post-Communist Countries, Teri L. Caraway

16: Adaptive Informal Institutions, Kellee Tsai


Introduction, Adam Sheingate

17: The American State and the Enduring Politics of Race, Desmond King

18: Political Parties in American Politics, Daniel J. Galvin

19: Law and Courts, Sarah Staszak

20: Social Policy Dynamics, Alan M. Jacobs

21: Citizenship and Race, Paul Frymer

22: Inequality and the Carceral State, Marie Gottschalk


Introduction, Orfeo Fioretos and Tulia G. Falleti

23: European States in Comparative Perspective, R. Dan Keleman

24: Institutions and the Consolidation of Democracy in Western Europe, Sheri Berman

25: Historical Institutionalism and the Welfare State, Julia Lynch and Martin Rhodes

26: Durabilities and Changes in Financial Systems, Richard Deeg and Elliot Posner

27: Capitalism, Institutions, and Power in the Study of Business, Pepper D. Culpepper

28: Religion and European Politics, Anna Gryzmala-Busse

29: Supranationalism, Tim Büthe

30: Evolutionary Dynamics in Internal Market Regulation in the European Union, Mark Thatcher and Cornelia Woll


Introduction, Orfeo Fioretos

31: The Persistence of State Sovereignty, Stephen D. Krasner

32: The Rise, Character, and Evolution of International Order, G. John Ikenberry

33: Critical Junctures, Developmental Pathways, and Incremental Change in Security Institutions, Etel Solingen and Wilfred Wan

34: Global Institutions Without a Global State, Henry Farrell and Martha Finnemore

35: The Evolution of International Law and Courts, Karen J. Alter

36: The Limits of Institutional Reform in the United States and the Global Trade Regime, Judith Goldstein and Robert Gulotty

37: Incremental Origins of Bretton Woods, Eric Helleiner

38: Sequencing, Layering, and Feedbacks in Global Regulation, Abraham L. Newman

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