Negative aesthetics and feminist critique

Ellen E. Berry (Institute for the Study of Culture and Society, Bowling Green State University, USA)

Londres, Reino Unido. BLOOMSBURY. ISBN: 9781474226400. 184 págs.  Mayo de 2016. Encuadernado.

PVP EUR 88,00 (4% IVA incluido)

La autora de este libro ha analizado a seis autoras contemporáneas que usan métodos experimentales y modos negativos de crítica en su ficción y feminismo. Las autoras que han sido estudiadas son Valerie Solanas, Kathy Acker, Theresa Cha, Chantel Chawaf, Jeanette Winterson y Lynda Barry.


Extracto del índice:

-          Introduction

-          Chapter One: Homicidal Feminism: Negative Aesthetics in Valerie Solanas’s Scum Manifesto

-          Chapter Two: Kathy Acker’s Fatal Strategies

-          Chapter Three: ‘The Remnant Is the Whole’: History, Trauma, and the Politics of Absence in Theresa Cha’s Dictee

-          Chapter Four: Abjection and the ‘Monstrous Masculine’ in Chantel Chawaf’s Redemption

-          Chapter Five: Suspending Gender?: The Politics of Indeterminacy in Jeanette Winterson’s Written on the Body

-          Chapter Six: Becoming-Girl/Becoming-Fly/Becoming-Imperceptible: Gothic Posthumanism in Lynda Barry’s Cruddy: An Illustrated Novel

-          Bibliography

-          Index

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