Tristan Bunnell, Mary Hayden y Jeff Thomson (University of Bath, Reino Unido) – Editores

Londres, Reino Unido. SAGE Publishing. ISBN: 9781473934375. 1096 págs.  Marzo de 2016. Encuadernado.

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La educación internacional es un área de estudio académico relativamente nueva, pero está evolucionando de forma rápida, debido al crecimiento y al desarrollo de los campus extranjeros y al currículo internacional.

Es un término que sirve de paraguas para unir varias áreas como la globalización, la ciudadanía global o el cosmopolitanismo.

En esta colección de artículos, una gran variedad de académicos internacional presentan sus teorías más importantes a través de una selección de trabajos multidisciplinares, como puede verse en el índice.



Extracto del índice:


-          Understanding International Education through Discourse Theory: Multinational, International, Multicultural or Intercultural? Michael Allan

-          The Internationalization of Higher Education: Motivations and Realities. Philip Altbach and Jane Knight

-          International and Comparative Education: Boundaries, Ambiguities and Synergies. Mark Bray

-          Internationalism and Globalization as Contexts for International Education. James Cambridge and Jeff Thompson

-          Bridges to the Future: The Global Landscape of International Higher Education. Darla Deardorff, Hans de Wit and John Heyl

-          Research in International Education. Nadine Dolby and Aliya Rahman

-          International Schools and International Education: A Relationship Reviewed. Mary Hayden and Jeff Thompson

-          Evolution of Education for International Mindedness. Ian Hill

-          Cosmopolitanism as Cultural Capital: Exploring the Intersection of Globalization, Education and Stratification. Hiroki Igarashi and Hiro Saito

-          Internationalization Remodeled: Definition, Approaches, and Rationales. Jane Knight

-          Education for Global Citizenship: Reflecting upon the Instrumentalist Agendas at Play. Harriet Marshall

-          Soft versus Critical Global Citizenship Education. Vanessa Andreotti

-          Comparative and International Education: A Journey toward Equality and Equity. Nelly Stromquist

-          Framing the Map of International Education (1969–1998). Robert Sylvester

-          The Uses of Globalization in the (Shifting) Landscape of Educational Studies. Paul Tarc

-          Challenges and Pitfalls Facing International Education in a Post-International World. Nicholas Tate

-          The Search for Better Ways of Speaking about Culture, Identity and Values. Richard Pearce


-          Difference and Conflict in Global Citizenship in Higher Education in Canada. Vanessa Andreotti, David Jefferess, Karen Pashby, Cash Rowe, Paul Tarc and Lisa Taylor

-          Taking Forward the IB Diploma in India: Context and Challenges. Gillian Ashworth

-          International Education and the Employability of UK Students. Rachel Brooks, Johanna Waters and Helena Pimlott-Wilson

-          The Momentum behind the International Primary Curriculum in Schools in England. Tristan Bunnell

-          The Appeal of the International Baccalaureate in Australia’s Educational Market: A Curriculum of Choice for Mobile Futures. Catherine Doherty

-          Perspective Shifts and a Theoretical Model Relating to Kaigaishijo and Kikokushijo, or Third Culture Kids in a Japanese Context. Rieko Fry

-          International Education Policies and the Boundaries of Global Citizenship in the US. Christopher Frey and Dawn Whitehead

-          Desert Dreams in the Gulf: Transnational Crossroads for the Global Elite. Jerry Harris

-          Shifting Patterns of the Government’s Policies for the Internationalization of Korean Higher Education. Kiyong Byun and Minjung Kim

-          Internationalizing Higher Education in Thailand: Government and University Responses. Pad Lavankura

-          Leadership Challenges in International Schools in the Asia Pacific Region: Evidence from Programme Implementation of the International Baccalaureate. Moosung Lee, Philip Hallinger and Allan Walker

-          Singapore’s Global Education Hub Ambitions: University Governance Change and Transnational Higher Education. Ka Ho Mok

-          Debating Globalization and Education after September 11. Fazal Rizvi

-          Reconsidering Regionalisation in Global Higher Education: Student Mobility Spaces of the European Higher Education Area. Robin Shields

-          A Practical and Reflexive Liberal-Humanist Approach to International Mindedness in International Schools: Case Studies from Malaysia and Brunei. Laurence Tamatea

-          Immobile Transnationalisms? Young People and Their in situ Experiences of ‘International’ Education in Hong Kong. Johanna Waters and Maggi Leung

-          Economic Development and the Market Place for Education: Dynamics of the International Schools Sector in Shanghai, China.                         Yoko Yamato and Mark Bray

-          Internationalization of Secondary Education – Lessons from Israeli Palestinian-Arab Schools in Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Miri Yemini


-          The International Education Industry: An Introductory Framework for Conceptualising the Potential Scale of an ‘Alliance’. Tristan Bunnell

-          Twenty-Five Years on – From Cultural Studies to Intercultural Citizenship. Michael Byram

-          Global Product Branding and International Education. James Cambridge

-          Global League Tables, Big Data and the International Transfer of Educational Research Modalities. Michael Crossley

-          International Socialization of Young People: Obstacles and Opportunities. Kenneth Cushner

-          Third Culture Kids: The Global Nomads of Transnational Spaces of Learning. M. Hayden

-          International Education and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Conrad Hughes

-          It’s a Long Way Down: The Underlying Tensions in the Education Export Industry. Simon Marginson

-          International Education: A Tertiary-Level Industry Update. Vikash Naidoo

-          Sustaining the Higher Education Hub Model: The Challenge of Adequate Academic and Social Support Structures for International Students. Cameron Richards and Mohd Aziz

-          Global Capitalism Theory and the Emergence of Transnational Elites. William Robinson

-          ‘I Want to Be Global’: Theorising the Gentrifying Class as an Emergent Élite Global Community. Matthew Rofe

-          Culture as a Configuration of Learning: Hypotheses in the Context of International Education. Lodewijk Van Oord

-          Cosmopolitanism as a Form of Capital: Parents Preparing Their Children for a Globalizing World    . Don Weenink

-          Developing Skills for Youth in the 21st Century: The Role of Elite International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Schools in China. Ewan Wright and Moosung Lee

-          Internationalizing Curriculum: Framing Theory and Practice in International Schools. Michael Wylie

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