Georgia L. Irby (The College of William and Mary, USA) – Editora

Londres, Reino Unido. WILEY Blackwell. ISBN: 9781118372678. 1096 págs.  Abril de 2016. Encuadernado.

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Este obra es muy ambiciosa, intenta estudiar y explicar los hitos más relevantes de la ciencia, la tecnología y la medicina en la antigua Grecia y Roma, es decir, en el momento en el que todo empezó.

Gran parte de los conocimientos científicos comenzaron ahí, y los científicos clásicos, en todo el concepto de la palabra científico, dejaron hilos por los que tirar que nos han llevado hasta ahora.

El índice muestra la amplitud de la obra, y el nivel académico de las personas que han escrito los 60 capítulos.



Extracto del índice:

Volume I

Contributor Biographies xi

Abbreviations xix

List of Figures and Maps xxiii

Introduction 1

Part I Physics and Cosmogony 11

1 The Creation and Destruction of the World 13

Andrew D. Gregory

2 Matter 29

Daniel W. Graham

3 Motion and Energy 43

Jean De Groot

4 Nature and the Divine 60

Svetla Slaveva-Griffin

Part II The Mathematical Sciences 77

5 Mathematics 79

Reviel Netz

6 Astronomy 96

Andrew D. Gregory

7 Astrology 114

Kocku von Stuckrad

8 Ancient Optics: Theories and Problems of Vision 130

Philip Thibodeau

9 Hydrostatics and Pneumatics in Antiquity 145

Matteo Valleriani

10 The Science of Harmonics and Music Theory in Ancient Greece 16

Sophie Gibson

Part III Earth Sciences 179

11 Hydrology: Ocean, Rivers, and Other Waterways 181

Georgia L. Irby

12 Classical Geology and the Mines of the Greeks and Romans 197

Paul T. Craddock

13 Greco-Egyptian and Byzantine Alchemy 217

Matteo Martelli

14 Meteorology 232

Liba Taub

15 Geography 247

Duane W. Roller

Part IV L ife Sciences 263

16 Greek and Roman Botany 26

M. Eleanor Irwin

17 Zoology 281

Tiberiu Popa

18 “Ecology” in the ancient Mediterranean 296

Georgia L. Irby, Robin McCall, and Anita Radini

19 The Failure of Evolutionary Thinking in Antiquity 313

Devin Henry

20 Embryology 329

James Wilberding

Part V Healing and the Human Body 343

21 Anatomy and Physiology 345

Julius Rocca

22 Gynecology 360

Lauren Caldwell

23 Surgery 371

Frédéric Le Blay

Translated by Todd Black

24 Physicians and “Schools” 386

Molly Jones-Lewis

25 Pharmacy 402

Molly Jones-Lewis

26 Magic, Curses, and Healing 418

Andrew D. Gregory

27 Healing Shrines 434

Georgia Petridou

28 Regimen and Athletic Training 450

Jason König

29 Epidemiology and Pathology 465

Efthymia Nikita, Anna Lagia, and Sevi Triantaphyllou

30 Psychology and Physiognomics 483

Arnaud Zucker

31 Anthropology: Knowledge of Man 500

Gordon Campbell


Abbreviations xi

List of Figures and Maps xv

Part VI Food Sciences 517

32 Greek and Roman Agriculture 519

Philip Thibodeau

33 Animal Husbandry 533

Kenneth F. Kitchell Jr.

34 Oil and Wine Production 550

Rafael Frankel

35 Cooking and Baking Technology 570

John Paulas

36 Food Storage Technology 587

Robert I. Curtis

37 Culinary and Medicinal Uses of Wine and Olive Oil 605

John F. Donahue

38 Nutrition 618

John F. Donahue

Part VII Technology of Human Life 633

39 Greek Public and Religious Architecture 635

John R. Senseney

40 Greek Domestic Architecture 656

Bradley A. Ault

41 Greek Interior Decoration: Materials and Technology in the Art of Cosmesis and Display 672

Hariclia Brecoulaki

42 Roman Monumental and Public Architecture 693

Duane W. Roller

43 Roman Domestic Architecture 711

Nathalie de Haan

44 Roman Interior Design 730

Sarah Lepinski

45 Textile Technology 747

Ellen Harlizius-Klück

46 Urban Infrastructure in the Roman World 768

Klaus Grewe

Translated by Johanna K. Sandrock

47 Siegeworks and Fortifications 784

Raffaele D’Amato

48 Arms and Weapons 801

Raffaele D’Amato

Part VIII Travel 817

49 Greek and Roman Cartography 819

Georgia L. Irby

50 Land Transport and Vehicles 836

Georges Raepsaet

51 Navigation and the Art of Sailing 854

Georgia L. Irby

52 Ships and Boats 870

Julian Whitewright

Part IX Telling Time 889

53 Greek Calendars 891

Laura Gawlinski

54 Roman Calendars 906

Robert Hannah

55 Time-Telling Devices 923

Robert Hannah

Part X Synthesis and Response 941

56 The Crossroads of Hellenistic and Sanskrit Science 943

Tejas S. Aralere

57 Roman Responses to Greek Science and Scholarship as a Cultural and Political Phenomenon 958

Thorsten Fögen

58 Scientific Encyclopedias 973

Katerina Oikonomopoulou

59 Translation and Transmission of Ancient Scientific Texts 988

Sonja Brentjes

60 The Reception of Greco-Roman Science in the Renaissance: Assimilation(s), Transformation(s), Rejection, Hybridization 1009

Roberto Lo Presti

Appendix: Major Writers And Thinkers 1023

General Index 1029

Index of Authors, Thinkers, and Primary Sources 1049

Index of Toponyms 1061

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