Edward Jones (Oklahoma State University, USA) – Editor

Hoboken, NJ, USA. WILEY Blackwell. ISBN. 9781118635299. Octubre de 2015. 392 págs. Encuadernado.

PVP EUR 104,00 (4% IVA incluido)

Recopilando un amplio rango de casos de estudio escritos por un equipo de académicos internacionales, este Concise Companion establece cómo los manuscritos y los libros impresos cubrieron las necesidades de diferentes estudios de la literatura del periodo moderno.

Ofrece ensayos que ilustran las formas particulares en las que un manuscrito o un libro impreso refleja los diferentes énfasis de una élite, privada e igualitaria, cultura pública, y sobre los logros literarios del renacimiento.


Extracto del índice:

-           Notes on Contributors x

-           Acknowledgements xiv

-           Introduction xv

-           Edward Jones

-           Part I Manuscript Studies 1

-           1 Stanford University’s Cavendish Manuscript: Wolsey, Elizabeth I, Shakespeare, and Milton 3

Elaine Treharne

-           2 Texts Presented to Elizabeth I on the University Progresses 21

Sarah Knight

-           3 Analysing a Private Library, with a Shelflist Attributable to John Hales of Eton, c.1624 41

William Poole

-           4 Young Milton in His Letters 66

John K. Hale

-           5 The Itinerant Sibling: Christopher Milton in London and Suffolk 87

Edward Jones

-           6 Milton, the Attentive Mr Skinner, and the Acts and Discourses of Friendship 106

Cedric C. Brown

-           Part II Printed Books 129

-           7 Printing the Gospels in Arabic in Rome in 1590 131

Neil Harris

-           8 Tyranny and Tragicomedy in Milton’s Reading of The Tempest 150

Karen L. Edwards

-           9 The Earliest Miltonists: Patrick Hume and John Toland 171

Thomas N. Corns

-           10 The Ghost of Rhetoric: Milton’s Logic and the Renaissance Trivium 188

Jameela Lares

-           Part III Production, Dissemination, Appropriation 207

-           11 Misprinting Bartholomew Fair: Jonson and ‘The Absolute Knave’ 209

John Creaser

-           12 Reliquiae Baxterianae and the Shaping of the Seventeenth Century 229

N.H. Keeble

-           13 Marvell and the Dutch in 1665 249

Martin Dzelzainis

-           14 Did Milton Read Selden? 266

Sharon Achinstein

-           15 Hands On 294

Neil Forsyth

-           16 Shakespeare with a Difference: Dismembering and Remembering Titus Andronicus in Heiner Müller’s and Brigitte Maria Mayer’s Anatomie Titus 322

Pascale Aebischer

-           By Ferry, Foot, and Fate: A Tour in the Hebrides 346

-          Index

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