Editores: J. B. Stump, Alan G. Padgett

Hoboken, Wiley-Blackwell – ISBN: 9781444335712.  664 págs. (Mayo) 2012, Encuadernado

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Esta obra proporciona un innovador estudio de las principales ideas representadas en la intersección de la ciencia y el cristianismo a través de 54 artículos originales de expertos líderes mundiales y futuras prometedoras figuras en esta disciplina

La obra se centra en la interacción del cristianismo con la ciencia para ofrecer un análisis minucioso en cuestiones tales como las teorías del multiverso en la cosmología, la convergencia en la evolución, el diseño inteligente, la teología natural, el conocimiento humano, la inteligencia artificial, el libre albedrío, milagros y la Trinidad, entre otras muchas.  Estos trabajos señalan los principales acontecimientos históricos en la conexión entre ciencia y cristianismo, incluyendo la patrística cristiana, la revolución científica, la recepción de Darwin y el fundamentalismo del Siglo XX.

El texto se divide en nueve partes: Episodios históricos, metodología, teología natural, cosmología y física, evolución, ciencias humanas; bioética cristiana, las implicaciones metafísicas, mente y teología y las figuras más significativas del Siglo XX.


Extracto del contenido:

Acknowledgments. Notes on Contributors

Introduction. J. B. Stump and Alan G. Padgett

Part I Historical Episodes

1 Early Christian Belief in Creation and the Beliefs Sustaining the Modern Scientific Endeavor. Christopher B. Kaiser

2 The Copernican Revolution and the Galileo Affair. Maurice A. Finocchiaro

3 Women, Mechanical Science, and God in the Early Modern Period. Jacqueline Broad

4 Christian Responses to Darwinism in the Late Nineteenth Century. Peter J. Bowler

5 Science Falsely So Called: Fundamentalism and Science. Edward B. Davis

Part II Methodology

6 How to Relate Christian Faith and Science. Mikael Stenmark

7 Authority. Nicholas Rescher

8 Feminist Philosophies of Science: Towards a Prophetic Epistemology. Lisa L. Stenmark

9 Practical Objectivity: Keeping Natural Science Natural. Alan G. Padgett

10 The Evolutionary Argument against Naturalism. Alvin Plantinga

Part III Natural Theology

11 Arguments to God from the Observable Universe. Richard Swinburne

12 “God of the Gaps” Arguments. Gregory E. Ganssle

13 Natural Theology after Modernism. J. B. Stump

14 Religious Epistemology Personifi ed: God without Natural Theology. Paul K. Moser

15 Problems for Christian Natural Theology. Alexander R. Pruss and Richard M. Gale

Part IV Cosmology and Physics

16 Modern Cosmology and Christian Theology. Stephen M. Barr

17 Does the Universe Need God?. Sean Carroll

18 Does God Love the Multiverse?. Don N. Page

19 The Fine-Tuning of the Cosmos: A Fresh Look at Its Implications. Robin Collins

20 Quantum Theory and Theology. Rodney D. Holder

Part V Evolution

21 Creation and Evolution. Denis R. Alexander

22 Darwinism and Atheism: A Marriage Made in Heaven?. Michael Ruse

23 Creation and Evolutionary Convergence. Simon Conway Morris

24 Signature in the Cell: Intelligent Design and the DNA Enigma. Stephen C. Meyer

25 Darwin and Intelligent Design. Francisco J. Ayala

26 Christianity and Human Evolution. John F. Haught

27 Christian Theism and Life on Earth. Paul Draper

Part VI The Human Sciences

28 Toward a Cognitive Science of Christianity. Justin L. Barrett

29 The Third Wound: Has Psychology Banished the Ghost from the Machine?. Dylan Evans

30 Sociology and Christianity. John H. Evans and Michael S. Evans

31 Economics and Christian Faith. Robin J. Klay

Part VII Christian Bioethics

32 Shaping Human Life at the Molecular Level. James C. Peterson

33 An Inclusive Framework for Stem Cell Research. John F. Kilner

34 The Problem of Transhumanism in the Light of Philosophy and Theology. Philippe Gagnon

35 Ecology and the Environment. Lisa H. Sideris

Part VIII Metaphysical Implications

36 Free Will and Rational Choice. E. J. Lowe

37 Science, Religion, and Infi nity. Graham Oppy

38 God and Abstract Objects. William Lane Craig

39 Laws of Nature. Lydia Jaeger

Part IX The Mind

40 Christianity, Neuroscience, and Dualism. J. P. Moreland

41 The Emergence of Persons. William Hasker

42 Christianity and the Extended-Mind Thesis. Lynne Rudder Baker

43 In Whose Image? Artifi cial Intelligence and the Imago Dei . Noreen Herzfeld

44 How Science Lost Its Soul, and Religion Handed It Back . Julian Baggini

Part X Theology

45 The Trinity and Scientifi c Reality . John Polkinghorne

46 God and Miracle in an Age of Science. Alan G. Padgett

47 Eschatology in Science and Theology. Robert John Russell

48 The Quest for Transcendence in Theology and Cosmology. Alexei V. Nesteruk

Part XI Signifi cant Figures of the Twentieth Century in Science and Christianity

49 Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. James F. Salmon

50 Thomas F. Torrance. Tapio Luoma

51 Arthur Peacocke. Taede A. Smedes

52 Ian G. Barbour. Nathan J. Hallanger

53 Wolfhart Pannenberg. Hans Schwarz

54 John Polkinghorne. Christopher C. Knight

Index .

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